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Shirts Just For You

Established in 2014.

Mr Honey Pot

Established in 2016.

Rugged Tents

Established 2016.
Thank you so much for visiting the store. That guy you see. His name is Glen Parmenter. He owns this store and he takes great pride in it.  Here is some background on him. He was born in Nevada, raised in Montana. Him and his wife Aimee currently reside in Texas. They met while they were both out at college. He  was getting his Bachelors Degree in Communications and she was pursuing her Bachelors in Elementary Education. After moving to Texas we adopted our dog Charlie. He is a small dog with a big personality. Enough about me though. This company is about you his customer.

   He established Majestic Expressions as an avenue to help you enhance your outdoor adventures and experiences. 
From the moment you visit the store, to when your order is delivered he strives to make sure that the process is smooth. However he knows that things of course happen so if and when they do please drop him email so he can get you taken care of. Even when things do not go bad and you want to share your experiences he would love to hear those too. Happy Shopping and come back often. 

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Majestic Expressions is the perfect conduit for you to express yourself in various ways.