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How to Pull Off a Successful Winter Camping Trip

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How to Pull Off a Successful Winter Camping Trip

Winter camping trips bring different challenges then camping in the warmer months. Daylight is limited, and the potential for severe weather is higher. However, camping in the winter can introduce you to the true beauty and peacefulness of the land. Consider these tips if you plan on camping out this winter.

Plan Ahead

Having a firm plan for your winter camping trip will help it go smoother. Since camping alone is dangerous, figure out who will be in your group. It’s always a good idea to pick people who have expertise in various survival skills, such as shelter building and pathfinding. Research locations and study maps to gain a better understanding of the terrain and how difficult and long it will be to get to your campsite. From there, check weather forecasts to ensure that you won’t be walking into a blizzard.


Once you have your plan, be sure to let family members and other friends know of your whereabouts and when they can expect you home. Should something go wrong, they will be able to alert authorities.

Dress Appropriately

Even though it’s winter, camping still involves plenty of physical activity. After all, you’re probably camping because you plan to spend time outdoors. Dressing in layers will ensure that you are properly insulated, yet have the option to remove layers to avoid overheating. If you anticipate encountering snow or rain, pick clothing that has a water-resistant outer shell. Additionally, a pair of waterproof and insulated boots with deep tread will keep you comfortable and prevent you from slipping. Investing in a thick pair of socks will help keep your feet warm, and bring a couple of extra pairs in case they get wet. If you’re looking for ideas, J.B. Extreme is a good place to start.


Hats, gloves, and goggles are other pieces of gear you should bring along. Fur and fur-lined hats like those found at Fur Hat World are an optimal choice for keeping your head and ears warm and dry. They’ll also help protect you from wind chill.

Pack an Emergency Kit

Always expect the unexpected, especially in winter when the weather can change by the hour. Keeping an emergency kit with extra food, water, and a first aid kit is a must. If you don’t have a lot of room for these types of things, condense your food into nutrient-dense energy bars that will provide your body with all the essentials. Additionally, having an insulated blanket on hand can be life-saving and prevent hypothermia. Lastly, pack extra batteries and tools that can help you out in a pinch.



Camping in the winter means that you have less competition for a place to pitch your tent, but this can come as a disadvantage should you find yourself in trouble. By planning ahead and dressing for the weather, winter camping can be a comfortable and fun experience for everyone involved.

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