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 The hardest step is always the first step. It is in our human nature to overcomplicate or over think what we want to get done or accomplish so by the time it comes to us needing to do it we hesitate because we feel like it cant be done and we are still so unprepared for what needs to happen. NO MORE!! It is time to ACT. You are going to learn three peatable steps to take your business to the top. It will be easy to remember because it spells out ACT.
1. Analyze
2. Create
3. Try
  When starting any kind of venture your first step is always going to be analyzing the venture you are about to pursue. Depending on if you are starting a new business or needing to put a new system in place in an existing business this may take a few days or it may take a couple of weeks. This research will provide you with golden nuggets of information  allowing you to see a broader picture before pursuing the next step which is to then create your plan of execution.  Before diving into the creation part of this process let me share with you the two  key components when conducting your analysis.      
   First key component is that you need to do the ever popular SWOT Analysis. Before spending a huge amount of time creating you can use this technique to figure out the viability. It does not matter if you are bootstrapping it or you already have the funds to invest. This is the first key to unlocking that potential revenue for you.
     The second key component after figuring out the viability is to now consider the long term feasibility using the right amount of resources and funding that this could take and who is going to implement this venture into  existence. Lets be honest if you are reading this more than likely it is going to be you or maybe even your business partner. The biggest problem entrepreneurs and small business owners face is not the lack of ideas its the lack of commitment to those ideas and or   they cannot keep up with the demand and resources it takes to keep the venture moving forward to true fruition.                                          
 Now that you have analyzed the viability and long term feasibility you can move forward and start creating in greater detail what you want to do. Don't worry about if things are perfect. Improvement will come as you test and get feedback from.your clients. However set goals and deadlines so you dont get stuck in a rut. Be accountable to yourself and to your clients and your organization. They all depend on you in one way or another.
 This is the best part of the process. Try! Youve done your research, you created this masterpiece service, product, process whatever it is so own it and share it at every opportunity. Also keep in mind you created for a specific client. Not everyone will say yes.
Analyze, Create, Try these are the threepeatable steps that will take your business to the top. You will set yourself apart from your competitors because they are too scared to ACT.

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Every single day you are going to run into problems or issues that you have no idea how to solve. There are going to be times when you feel like those problems or issues will not be solved. From my experience, I have come across work colleagues who complain constantly that there are problems going on and they feel like they are being treated unfairly or some injustice is going on and they talk about that issue constantly and go back and forth with others in that same realm. They are focused more on the problem at hand rather than trying to come up with any solutions to make things better. The problem is not the problem itself but how the problem is handled by the person who needs to handle it. Every once in a while, the problem is us and we just need to take a step back from the issue and give ourselves some time to think on it so we can realize that we ourselves are the ones that need to change. However, with that being said let me share with you five solution generating tactics to help you or your organization solve your problems. 


1.      K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

2.      Put all Options on the table

3.      Take Risks

4.      Bounce Your Ideas off people you do not know.

5.      Have Fun


K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid)

Remember not to overcomplicate things. More often than not it is the simplest of solutions that is going to help solve your problem whatever it may be. The nature of human beings is to over complicate things and make them more difficult than they really have to be. No matter what your situation or what issue you may be facing keep the KISS acronym at the very forefront of your mind which as you read above stands for Keep it Simple Stupid. If you feel that your solution could be too much and over doing it you are probably right but remember if it is simple for you then go ahead and try it and see if it works.


Put all options on the table

I do not care how crazy the solution might sound I always highly recommend that you put all options on the table. When we limit ourselves to only a few we are discounting other things that may even work better or even have some solutions that can be combined.


Take Risks

There are going to be those who say that some things cannot be done. There will be those who are going to tell you it can all be done. That, of course, is not up for anybody to decide, except for yourself and for those involved in the solution. Do not be afraid to take risks when you are making those decisions.  The best solutions come I have experienced come from taking those risks and just going for it. If one does not work then I work on another one and another one until I come to find the ultimate solution for each given problem. 


Bounce Your Ideas off people you do not know

After you have been doing some brainstorming take those ideas to people that you do not know. You want to get an unbiased opinion and from my experience someone who is not close to you or has connections to you will tell you the truth rather than just tell you what you want to hear. In an organization, you can do this with your customers by sending out surveys they can take. One thing to keep in mind with that is you are not going to make everyone happy so stick with what you believe but don’t jip yourself or your customers. Be real with yourself and them.


Have Fun

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Don’t be afraid to try and see the humor in your situation or the issue at hand. Just because you are all grown up does not mean you can no longer be silly or have a good time. If you think that making a game or a contest or something of that nature is going to help you get a solution to a problem, then take the time and go for it. For me personally I know that when I get too serious about my problems I cannot see two feet in front of me. Having some good ole fashioned fun can shed some light on a situation and move things along a bit faster. If you do not remember anything else, then remember to have fun.


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     On the way to work I was listening to a podcast which I started doing every day.  It takes me almost an hour and half one way so I figured, instead of listening to the radio I would listen to business podcasts that would help educate me and not just make me a better person in general but a better business owner. In this particular podcast the statement "Challenging the status quo" came up.  As I have been marinating this in my brain the past few days I began to think about my awesome childhood, teenage years and just my entire life in general.   When it came to school, jobs or whatever it was I always wanted to do things differently and thinking back even though I was not consciously doing it I was always wanting to be at the center of attention.  During class I would try to make jokes and be the class clown, after school was out for the day instead of doing my homework I wanted to be out with friends and do things my way.  My parents would tell me all the time you are a smart kid and I would respond back I know I am smart I do not need to prove that to anybody else. For my entire childhood, and even from my teenage years into my adult years that was my attitude I was challenging the status quo.  
    Now wait a minute Glen.  You were challenging the status quo? I bet that is what you are thinking and wanting to ask me right now is it not? Well that is exactly the question I started to ask myself as I moved into adulthood and actually beginning to absorb knowledge and understanding.  I began to question my own past actions and wonder why in the world did I take that approach as a kid.  In an overall sense and bluntness I was a kid and I was stupid and not very bright.  You could say I was too smart for my own good.  As entrepreneurs we are always questioning and thinking about better ways something can be done.  It does not matter where we are at whether it is in our homes or we are at the park or at the mall we have ideas constantly flowing and churning in our brains because we are different.  We function differently.  We think differently and if something is not working for us we seek out better ways.  
Think back to your own childhood.  Did you feel like you fit in?  Did you feel out of place?  Even though you had friends and family who loved and supported you did you still feel like you were just not one of them?  Did you feel guilty or ashamed because of it?  Did you feel isolated? 
Now think about, as an adult what is your perspective, as you look back on those years?  Are you still struggling?  Guess what?! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! 
Embrace that.  You status the Challenge Quo every single day.  You are making a difference in your own way and that is awesome. No its freaking incredible!  
YOU challenge the status quo, actually challenge the status quo unlike I was doing when I was a kid. Begin to learn to appreciate that quality in yourself.  Take advantage of every opportunity that you can.  When all your friends and family are saying that it cannot be done plus you are getting resistance from everything possible Use that to fuel your fire. When there is a will there is a way.  However be smart about it. Continually drink from the pool of knowledge and implementation.  Adapt when necessary and last but not least don't be hard on yourself when you make a mistake or when your plans do not go as expected.  Your Journey is your own and it won't always go perfectly but what is most important is that you are moving forward in your own way and being true to who you are.  That is enough for this time around. Now get out there. Challenge The Status Quo and of course Express Yourself.