Tents, Tents, and more Tents

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There are so many tents to choose from. They range in colors, size, how they are setup, weight etc. However, one thing remains the same. There are mainly two uses tents are used for.


  1. Backpacking
  2. Camping

The reason that I added the Rugged Tents section for Majestic Expressions is because every time that I walked into any outdoor store, the selection of tents was very limited. They had a few major tents to select from. Now let me get something straight first off, these stores carry inventory and they figure out their own costs of what they can and cannot carry so I do not blame them for having a limited section. They focused on their strong points and consistently bring us great outdoor gear without fail. 

When I started looking for quality tents to add to the store I was gob smacked by all the different options of tents that were out there! I had no idea that there is a plethora of options available to you that will be more apt to meet your needs for your camping or backpacking adventures. This post I am going to bring you out of the dark and shed some light on what is out there for you. Let me start off by listing the many brands out there.

Alps Mountaineering

Big Agnes

Browning Camping


Ultimate Survival Technologies


Proforce Equipment



Between these nine brands I am proud to be able and offer 1 person backpacking tents all the way up to 7+ person camping tents. Select from basic tents as a place to lay your head or spacious tents to fit you and your family and friends in. Either way know that we work on making sure those needs are met.

Click Here for a free resource you can use to help you select the best tent for your backpacking or camping needs